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Gesundheit in German means "good health" or "wellness." Diet and exercise mean good health in any language! What you eat and how active you are determines how healthy you are. Here are books and other resources to help you get the diet and exercise you need for good health.

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About the Author
Valerie Saxion, N.D., is one of America¹s most articulate champions of nutrition and spiritual healing. A twenty-year veteran of health science in the natural foods arena, she is a popular lecturer at numerous health events nationwide and in Canada and is seen regularly on the weekly Trinity Broadcasting Network program On Call that airs worldwide. She is also the co-founder of Silver Creek Labs, a highly successful manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements and health products. Married to James T. Saxion for over twenty years, she is the mother of eight healthy children.

Book Description
Wherever she goes, Valerie Saxion constantly hears this complaint: ³I can¹t remember when I last felt good. I¹m exhausted and rundown. How can I start to feel good again?² This book is Valerie¹s response to that question, but it goes far beyond just feeling good. ³So why don¹t you feel great all the time?² she asks. ³Why are you willing to settle for less than 100 percent?² She then lays out a lifelong plan to help readers give their bodies the opportunity to start feeling great in four basic steps.

Specifically, Saxion guides her readers into an understanding of how their bodies work, how to stop eating junk food, and the importance of body oxygen, exercise, and water. Candida, detoxification, fasting, and weight loss are all covered as well as establishing a perfect diet that is filled with foods that supercharge the mind and body. Nature¹s prescriptions of vitamins, minerals, and herbs supplement all that she teaches. There¹s even a new chapter on dealing with hypothyroidism.

Includes a State-by-State List of More Than 800 of America¹s Leading Complementary Alternative Medical Doctors

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Good Health - Diet & Exercise