A Dozen Helpful and Informative Resources for Making Great Candy

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Book Description
Hey, Einstein! You don't have to be a genius to entertain and educate kids at the same time. Just give 'em The Mad Scientist Handbook--the greatest collection of creepy crafts, insane inventions, and freaky experiments ever devised. Packed with easy-to-understand instructions and simple illustrations, this engaging activity book will show kids how to:

Make oozing green slime
Build a high-speed balloon car
Cook up delicious edible glass
Create a tornado machine
Build an exploding volcano
Pass an egg through the neck of a bottle without breaking it
and much more!

Plus, they'll learn lots of weird facts along the way, like how every experiment in this book works and who figured it out first. It's the perfect handbook for every budding mad scientist.

Reviewer: A reader from Shena Kelly

This book has excellent, easy to follow recipes. I made 5 batches of different truffles for Valentine's Day gifts, and they were very well received. If you have not worked with chocolate before, I recommend also purchasing 'The Art of Chocolate' by Elaine Gonzalez. The techniques of chocolate handling are explained in detail. When these techniques are combined with Ms. Bloom's recipes, it was a fun and easy endeavor.


If you like mouth-watering pictures along with your recipes, Candymaking by Ruth A. Kendrick and Pauline H. Atkinson is the book you've been looking for. I have used this book a number of times for excellent recipies for caramels, truffels, hard candy etc. Not only does this book have delicious ideas for tastey treats, but also a wonderful explaination about the supplies needed to make your sugary sensations.Candymaking really will you feel like the owner of your own candy store!!

Book Description
Confection perfection is easy to achieve with the step-by-step help of dessert expert Lou Seibert Pappas. Why should Santa settle for another cookie, when he could nibble on Chocolate Mallo Fudge or Orange Liqueur Chocolate Truffles? Decked with Frankie Frankeny’s winsome photography and more than 40 recipes, The Christmas Candy Book is the stuff holiday dreams are made of. It includes Yuletide classics like buttery English Toffee and nutty Panforte di Siena as well as inventive dainties like Honey-Lavender Drops and adorable Marzipan Piglets. Stylish tips for serving, wrapping, and storing candies will inspire colorful tabletops and delightful gifts. Bursting with holiday cheer, The Christmas Candy Book is a sweet success from cover to cover.



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