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Father   By the time you recognize your father, he is a social relative. He may be close or distant, reserved or boisterous, a pal or a disciplinarian. You evaluate, and maybe judge, him originally when you are a very inexperienced child. However, the first years of your relationship with him do not completely consciously register in your mind. Eventually, if you are blessed, you begin to put it together. Your father is the man who gave you half of your being, your existence, your life. He, or some surrogate, gave you some more of his/her own life through support, care, instruction, advice, and affection. You can work hard to repay your father or a surrogate for services rendered since you were conceived; but, you cannot live long enough to repay your father for the gift of life – and repayment doesn’t matter to him – he loves you anyway, because you are OF him. If you are really blessed, you worked and rested with your father, You made each other laugh and, more importantly, smile. After he passes away, you learn about him at an accelerating rate. The story about your mother is much the same. Each of us has only one mother; and, each of us has only one father.

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