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Selected methods and nutrients for reducing or eliminating dependency on eyeglasses.

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Bill Sardi is a consumer advocate and health journalist who lectures on various topics in health and nutrition and is frequently heard on radio programs across the United States. He has worked as a consultant to the eye-care industry for more than twenty years. Sardi writes that cataracts and age-related macular degeneration are the most common vision-threatening eye diseases. Both interfere with vision and may lead to blindness. Yet many natural supplements, such as lutein and zeaxanthin, play important roles in protecting eyes. This "User's Guide to Eye Health Supplements" explains how these and other nutrients can reduce your risk of eye disease.




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I read this book in 1973. At the time I was 29 yrs. old and was quite near sighted. I even had to wear glasses to drive. After doing the simple exercises in the book, my sight improved dramatically!! I no longer wear glasses for any reason. People who I told this method to wouldn't try it because they didn't believe it could be that easy, how stupid. Try it, you have nothing to lose but your glasses or contacts!


Improve Your Eyesight

I was 25 years old and in law school when my eyesight started going bad. I had been fortunate to have good eyesight my whole life. Then suddenly, I was having trouble reading the freeway signs at night. Next thing, I was having problems reading the same signs in the daylight. Book reading became difficult and blurry.

With great reluctance, I went to the optometrist to have my eyesight checked. Sure enough, I had poor vision. It wasn't bad, only 20/70. The doctor said I only needed glasses for driving and reading. At that time in my life, I spent most of my time reading law books, and driving to work and home and school on the massive LA freeway system. I was crushed. I asked the optometrist if there was anything I could do. He said "No". There was no way around it, I was going to have to wear corrective lenses.

I knew that I was too vain to wear glasses, so I opted for contact lenses. They were a nuisance to remove every night, and a pain to maintain. I wasn't satisfied with them as a solution. Every year at my annual eye exam, I would ask if there wasn't some other alternative, something else I could do. The answer was always the same, "No".

This went on every year for eight years. During that time, I moved a couple of times, so I asked this question to several optometrists and one ophthalmologist. My eyesight wasn't getting any worse, but it certainly wasn't getting any better. Sometime around 28 years old, I broke down and started wearing glasses, so I would "look older" in business meetings. They were a little easier to maintain than contacts, but I still hated them.

I had been wearing contacts or glasses for over eight years, when I found an old book that said that I could improve my eyesight by doing exercises. I thought the idea was ridicules. How could doing some simple so called 'exercises' give me the vision improvements I needed to throw away my glasses? If this was real, why didn't any of the many eye doctors I had asked recommended it? I knew it could never work. But I was just desperate enough to try it.

I did the exercises religiously. I followed the directions as closely as I could considering the old writing style of the book. I practiced and waited. Slowly, I began to notice what might be improvements in my eyesight. I was certain it must be wishful thinking. I continued to practice, and wait.

At the end of 30 days, I was seeing 20/20. It was incredible. It was almost unbelievable. In fact, I wouldn't have believed it, except it had happened to me. At first, I was only seeing 20/20 occasionally. When I was tired or stressed, my vision would blur up a little. But within a couple more weeks of regular exercises, I was seeing 20/20 all the time!

It has now been eight years since I reclaimed my eyesight. There were times when my vision would digress a little, but I would just review a few exercises and my eyesight would come right back up to 20/20. But most of the time, my eyesight was great, even without continuing to do the eye exercises. I'm now over 40 and seeing great.

After I had such great success improving my eyesight, I decided to do some research at the local university to see what additional information was available on this concept of natural vision improvements through eye exercises. It turns out there is a whole field of research called Vision Therapy, or Vision Training. I also learned that there were decades of research, and hundreds of studies on the subject. They seemed to confirm that is was a valid and effective therapy.

One of the most surprising things was to learn that most optometrists have at least some training in Vision Therapy, and some are certified specialists in this field. To this day, I still do not understand why the doctors I asked never even hinted that there was such a solution. I am just glad I found out about it.

The information contained in this book is the culmination of the research I have conducted. There have been many new types of exercises developed since the old book I read was printed. Some of them involve expensive machinery. Some are quite simple and yet effective.

I am not a doctor. I am just a man who was helped by an idea. It is my wish that sharing this idea with other people will help them. Vision Therapy isn't a cure all for every type of vision problem, and it certainly does not replace good eye care and regular check ups. But I threw away my glasses, I know many people who have improved their eyesight, and I hope that you will too.

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Selected methods and nutrients for reducing or eliminating dependency on eyeglasses.