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If your attempts at learning the guitar have been frustrating and you always thought, "there has to be a better way," then this is your book. Most books treat the guitar like it's no different than a keyboard...and never unlock the basic secret every guitarist must understand: the brilliant organization behind the guitar's tuning. Bill Edwards changes all of that. He shows it doesn't have to be that hard to understand the guitar. Fretboard Logic doesn't try to teach standard music theory, per se. You can learn that anywhere (and you should). Instead, it teaches you how to use that theory and apply it to the guitar and its unique tuning. It's not the "only" guitar or music book you'll ever need. It's just the most important! And yes, you will still have to practice. But it's a lot easier when you can see what you're doing, rather than just using what the author calls the "bootstrap" method (rote memorization of scales & chords) or the "academic" method (trying to understand the guitar using basic building blocks of music theory without ever seeing the "big picture"). I can't recommend it highly enough.


Let’s face it – in the music world, guitars set the standard for cool. Since the 1950s, many of the greatest performers in rock ‘n’ roll, blues, and country have played the guitar. Playing electric guitar can put you out in front of a band, where you’re free to roam, sing, and make eye contact with your adoring fans. Playing acoustic guitar can make you the star of the vacation campfire sing-along or allow you to serenade that special someone. And playing any kind of guitar can bring out the music in your soul and become a valued lifetime hobby.


Key signatures and chord symbols are doors to facility at the keyboard - doors too often locked by insufficient understanding. This guide unlocks them with clear, simple explanations. Features: major and minor scales * guidelines for scale fingering * chord charts which include major, minor, augmented, seventh, ninth, eleventh, major seventh, major nonth, minor seventh, sixth, minor sixth and diminished chords in all positions. * formulas and symbols for altered chords - a simplified forming complex chords * A glossary of music terms * The easy-to-read text, concise definitions, and illustrations provide an invaluable reference guide for your musical pursuits.


Take your playing to the stratosphere with the most advanced lead book by this proven heavy metal author. Speed Mechanics is the ultimate technique book for developing the kind of speed and precision in todayÕs explosive playing styles. Learn the fastest ways to achieve speed and control, secrets to make your practice time really count, and how to open your ears and make your musical ideas more solid and tangible. Packed with over 200 vicious exercises including TroyÕs scorching version of ÕFlight Of The Bumblebee.Õ Music and examples demonstrated on cassette or CD. 89-minute audio.


The Essential Encyclopedia for Every Guitar Player! The Guitar Handbook is the complete guide to playing the guitar - from simple chords to advanced improvisations. Its uniquely devised learning program combines specially commissioned, step-by-step photographs with a chord dictionary containing over 800 easy-to-follow fingerings, and clear, concise text. It is also a comprehensive manual on guitar hardware and performance technology, sound equipment, special effects, and recording facilities. It examines every aspect of guitar maintenance, repair, and customizing, as well as highlighting over 20 world-famous guitarists. 43 pages with full-color photos and illustrations.





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Selected resources for the striving guitarist