hemorrhoid - rectal bleeding

Unlikely to be colon or rectal cancer - but warrants attention!

Selected items for close encounters with bleeding hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding are a common ailment; and, not necessarily a sign of colon cancer. Most sufferers are unwilling to discuss their problems, even with their doctor. Half of all Americans can be expected to have hemorrhoids during their life; and, 20% of sufferers will have such severe problems that surgery will be necessary. Hemorrhoids are believed to be associated with a diet low in fiber, constipation, pregnancies, obesity, standing, lifting, and straining on the toilet. Anal tissue support weakens with age, usually around 30 years or older. The symptoms of hemorrhoids are post-bowel-movement discomfort, anal or rectal itching, appearance of sensitive lumps, and bright red blood on tissue or in the toilet bowl. In order to reduce fears about a subject most people wish to avoid, it is wise to research the matter for one's own peace of mind, and to prepare for ultimate discussion if the condition becomes very serious. Good health based upon nutrition and exercise are the best way to avoid or repair onset of the condition. However, a surgical method known as the Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids (PPH), based on a hemorrhoidal circular stapler device that repositions anal canal tissue. This procedure is performed above the "pain line" of the anal canal. Such a procedure has advantages over conventional surgery. Saint Joseph Medical Center of Towson, MD has published this information in the Catholic Review newspaper. Finally, self education and a healthy lifestyle pave the path to lifetime peace of mind. This website offers items and places which can expand you knowledge and reduce your fears.

Be prepared. When hemorrhoids happen, have your reference materials handy to deal with fears of colon rectal cancer.

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Selected items for close encounters with bleeding hemorrhoids