A Dozen Helpful and Informative Resources for Insomnia and Sleeplessness

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Reviewer: A reader from Durham, NC

I happened into this book in a bookstore several years ago. At the time, I was experiencing sleep difficulties that were interfering with my life and work. This book works methodically through possible causes of sleep disturbance, and provides exercises that the reader can follow to determine the causes of their own sleep problems and how to solve them. Using the book's methodologies, I was able to determine within a couple of weeks the surprising cause that I was trying to get more sleep than my body needed. Therefore I was never sleeping particularly well and always feeling tired. I began to cut down on my sleep time, and almost immediately began to feel better! The point, however, is that this book provides tools for anyone to determine the causes of their sleep difficulties and begin to resolve them. I highly recommend it.

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Imagine an insomnia treatment that improves sleep in 100 percent of insomniacs, helps 75 percent of insomniacs become normal sleepers, and allows 90 percent of insomniacs to reduce or eliminate their use of sleeping pills. This treatment is safe, natural, and has no side effects except improved mood, higher energy, increased mind/body control, and better health. No, this is not a new miracle drug. It is Dr. Gregg Jacobs's drug-free program described in Say Good Night to Insomnia.


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John Wiedman is neither a doctor nor a therapist, but the years he has spent in the trenches of insomnia, fighting for an elusive good night's sleep, has made him an expert in the war against sleepless nights. In conversational tones, John talks about how he has overcome a sleeping disorder that affects about one-third of the adult population in America and lays out a blueprint showing how sufferers don't have to spend their nights tossing and turning and their days struggling to stay awake. John uses his "on-the-job" experience to guide readers through a program that will help them develop healthy habits that promote a restful and peaceful night of slumber. Desperately Seeking Snoozing is the one book that can boast that it will put you to sleep.

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A new addition to the popular Perfect Health Library series--now available in paperback. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life, is ideally suited to help with the problem of insomnia, in which the mind is known to play a considerable role. In this volume, Dr. Chopra shows readers how to fall asleep easily, feel rested upon arising, identify and eliminate the imbalances causing insomnia, and more.