In this age of anniversary significance and memorial mania, anyone who can't converse about the OJ case around the water cooler will be considered strange - Bone up & Be there!.

OJ Simpson, Marsha Clark, Kato Kalin, Johnny Cochrane, and all the rest stretched fifteen minutes of fame into more than a year of idle chatter which has filled volumes for ten years. The white Bronco chase riveted people to their television set for hours. Reporters and journalists rose to international fame and recognition by exploring who might have known someone who had a friend who wanted to buy a white or yellow Bronco. "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" is more poetic than "She had sex with me; but, I didn't have sex with her". Relive the saga (like it or not) because many of your friends, associates, coworkers, relatives, and bosses are going to ask you again, "What do you think about OJ and...?" Don't risk friendships, family feuds, and employment opportunities - give in. When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it! Get an OJ book, read it as quickly as you can, and plan your exit strategy or a tactical diversion to get out of more boring and unproductive conversations about another topic you cannot do anything about. Care, share, and belong: but, at all costs, maintain your sanity!


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Finally, an unbiased look at the Trial of the Century. The authors managed to keep from using the race card, innuendos, and Hollywood hype to tell just the facts. This book gives the reader a honest look into that fateful night.

This book could save countless hours of idle debate about meaningless points that make your eyes glaze over. Hang in there - nothing lasts forever.

More opportunities to fight ostracism below:

Just when you thought every drop of bathos, blather, and recrimination that could be squeezed out of the O. J. Simpson murder trial had been, along comes this book, which reveals the "Dream Team," Simpson's cabal of defense lawyers, as an even less charming bunch of egomaniacs and prevaricators than anyone imagined. Johnnie Cochran is a puffed-up silver-tongued bantam with suspicions that his celebrity client is, after all, guilty; Robert Shapiro is a status-obsessed moron; F. Lee Bailey almost derails the whole defense strategy more than once with his courtroom mishaps. How did these guys win? Produced by Larry Schiller, who co-wrote Simpson's jailhouse bestseller I Want to Tell You and who has a history of plumbing the depths of famously sordid murder cases, this book carries its own lurid fascination.

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