Ron Brown's Body by Jack Cashill

Remember the initial report of floating debris in the sea seventeen miles from shore; and then, a contradictory report of a plane crash into a mountainside. What was supposed to happen? What did happen?

Reviewer: from New York, NY

Cashill and Nelson, a couple of Tennessee State University undergrads, have written a highly provocative and well-researched book about how the Clintons killed a plane full of people because one of the passengers had some harmful information about where Hillary really bought her shoes. Relying on well-informed sources discovered in the MSN chat rooms and countless well-documented articles posted on personal web pages at, Cashill and Nelson weave together an unbelievable tale of deceit and greed which ultimately leads to the plane crash that kills a bunch of people and opens the door to more Republican allegations of murder. As you will recall, that plane crash did save his Presidency and led to Hillary's Senate win. Of course, the liberal media, being the liberals that they are, just let the story go, but you all remember how that plane crash saved the Clintons, right? Sure you do.

Nice job, Cashill and Thompson. But you forgot to mention that the senior examining doctor stated that there was no skull penetration and that there was no exit wound, and that's one of the reasons why they concluded it was not made by a gun and probably caused by something in the plane. But I guess that's neither here nor there. Anyway, how's the dorm working out for you guys?

But does blunt force trauma leave a circular 1/2" diameter hole in the skull? Check out the contraversy!


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About Ron Brown's Body by Jack Caskill
The mysterious death of Ron Brown has caused much controversy and suspicion, and in this investigative book, Cashill takes a close look at Brown's checkered career as Clinton fund-raiser and commerce secretary and consequently exposes the Clintons' dirty, relentless practices for getting financial backing. Cashill answers the most trenchant questions surrounding Brown's rise and fall: Why did his plane crash? Why did the White House suppress an investigation? What was the purpose of Brown's trade missions? And what larger forces caused the Clintons to seek international cash? Using the case of Ron Brown's untimely death as a touchstone for the Clintons' unseemly and unsavory practices in the White House, Cashill explores the seedy depths of the most corrupt administration in American history during its two most desperate years and focuses directly on the machinations of the direst threat to today's political scene, Hillary Clinton.

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Ron Brown's Body