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No other piece of cloth in history from anywhere in the world has been so studied, examined, and debated as the Shroud of Turin. Nor has any cloth so caught the fascination and reverence of the world. And still it remains a mystery. Is the Shroud of Turin the ancient burial cloth of Jesus Christ or a clever hoax on the part of Leonardo da Vinci? What did the recent Carbon-14 tests prove or disprove? How may the Holy Shroud and the Holy Grail be related? What did the DNA tests show regarding the apparent blood stains on the Shroud? How were the mysterious images on the Shroud created? These are just a few of the many intriguing questions that John C. Iannone addresses in this thoroughly researched study. This remarkable book reads like a mystery novel or detective story that includes emporers and kings, crusaders and knights, warrior monks, the Great Fire of 1532 and much more. The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin will intrigue you and increase your sense of awe and wonder as you contemplate its message.

The above is extracted from The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin written by John C. Iannone. The most remarkable fact is the identification of coins on the eyes of the corpse. A careful read of this book will convince any doubting Thomas.

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Shroud of Turin - Picture of Jesus Christ