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Selected items for close encounters with the solar system and stars of the universe

Be prepared. When planets are close, and astronomical events occur, have your telescope and reference materials handy. Telescopes have improved greatly since Galileo used his for revolutionary discoveries of our solar system. Readily available telescopes permit you to see from tens of millions to half a billion light years distant. Or do they? Many scientists claim that you can see back in time with a telescope. What you really see is the energy that arrives here and now after traveling great distances through space. The star or planet you view with a telescope is seen pretty much as it was prior to when you are viewing it. However, constellations are composed of stars which are at greatly varying distances away. So the energy you are viewing in a constellation may be from 50 million light years for one star and 500 million light years for another. That means you are not peering 50 million years or 500 million years back in time at a group of stars. The closer star's light reaches us sooner than the light from more distant stars. You are really seeing how one star looked 50 million years ago and another as it looked 500 million years ago, both at the same time. Therefore, your view of a constellation, and the entire panoramic view of the universe is a distortion of reality. Sorry to say that your telescope is not a time machine, as wishful scientists and journalists say. Keeping this reality in mind, perhaps your discoveries of space will be revolutionary and based upon truth.

For revolutionary scientific topics, visit the Schriefer Unified Theory website for discussions on continent formation, solar pulses, gravity, time and temperature inconsistencies, absolute planetary motion, hysteresis, and more.

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Selected items for close encounters with the solar system and stars of the universe